jueves, 17 de junio de 2010

Me And Mia by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

As I was walking through a life one morning the sun was out, the air was warm, but Oh I was cold and though I must have looked half a person,to tell the tale, in my own version,
It was only then that I felt whole Do you believe in something beautiful? Then get up and be it
Fighting for the smallest goal: to get a little self-control
I know how hard you try.
I see it in your eyes
But call your friends, 'cause we've forgotten what it's like to eat what's rotten
And what's eating you alive might help you to survive.

We went on as we were on a mission, latest in a Grand Tradition
And oh, what did we find?
It was Ego who was flying the banner, and me and Mia, Ann and Ana
Oh, we'd been unkind
But do you believe in something beautiful? Then get up and be it

Fighting for the smallest goal: to get a little self-control
I see it in your eyes, I see it in your spine.
But call your friends,'cause we've forgotten what it's like to eat what's rotten
And what's eating you alive, might help you to survive.

And even the nights, they could get better
And even the days ain't all that bad
And after a week of fighting, as more and more it seems the right thing
But do you believe in something beautiful? Then get up and be it

Fighting for the smallest goal: to gain a little self-control
Won't anybody here just let you disappear?
Not doctors, nor your mom and dad, but me and Mia, Ann and Ana
Know how hard you try
Don't you see it in my eyes?
Sick to death of my dependence, fighting food to find transcendence
Fighting to survive, more dead but more alive
Cigarettes and speed for livin', and sleeping pills to feel forgiven
All that you contrive, and all that you're deprived
All the bourgeois social angels telling you you've got to change
Don't have any idea. They'll never see so clear.
But don't forget what it really means to hunger strike when you don't really need to
Some are dying for a cause, but that don't make it yours.
And even the nights, they could get better.
Thinsphooos w/loB: Pimientita

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Ser ana es...

*ser fuerte

*tener una meta

*eliminar toda la grasa qué tenga tu cuerpo

*sacrificar tu hambre por tener un cuerpo ideal

*despertar cada día y saber qué tu meta de hoy es NO COMER

*enfrentarnos a las bestias qué nos rodean cuando se dan cuenta de lo que somos

*no ser totalmente aceptadas ante la sociedad, pero sentirnos bien y aceptarnos entre nosotras

*navegar horas en Internet, para buscar información de ana, o solo para encontrar algo qué nos de fuerzas

*sentir o escuchar crujir tu pancita y sentirte orgullosa de ser ana

*despertar y mirarte las ojeras y alegrarte por qué es signo de qué estás bajando de peso

*ser feliz al final del día por qué no comiste nada

*probarte aquél pantalón qué no te cerraba y ver qué ahora te queda flojo

*saber mas qué nadie acerca de nutrición

*mirar una revista o modelo e imaginarte con ese cuerpazo

*sonreír al sentirte un huesito

*tener un gran secreto

*querer darle a tu novio un regalo: ser mas delgada

*no tener nada en el estómago

*usar una pulsera roja en tu mano izquierda

*odiar 100% la grasa ( mas que a nada a la comida... maldito veneno)

*cuando el hambre se vuelve algo satisfactorio

*cuando comer es un pecado qué nos hace llorar

*cuando tienes hambre y te fumas un cigarro

*cuando siempre te ves gorda aunque estés hiperdelgada

*saber qué cuando necesitas ayuda tienes muchísimas amigas en la red qué te apoyan

*hacerte una perforación o gastar mucho dinero en ropa qué no te quede, para verte obligada a bajar y poder mostrarlo o usarla

*tener siempre una botella de agua en la mano

*tener siempre un chicle o pastillita sin azucar

*ser la mejor en pretextos y mentiras en cuanto a las comidas

*sentirte tan liviana como una pluma

*despertarte todas las mañanas y tocarte la panza a ver si estás mas delgada

*ser esclava de la báscula y de la cinta métrica

*cantar una buena canción cuando estás deprimida

*un estilo de vida


.*Eating Disorder Survey*.
Created by derminster and taken 9382 times on Bzoink
Age?: 17 years old
Height?: 1.70 mts
Weight?: 90kg
Lowest Weight?: 70kg
Highest Weight?: 120kg
What weight do you want to weigh?: 40 kg more
What eating disorder do you have?: ana and mia
In Depth
How many calories do you eat in a day, on average?: 700 cal
Do you throw up your food on occasion?: yes
Do you want to look like a supermodel/actress?: in many times
Are you in some sort of extracurricular sport, ie soccer or track?: yes, GYM
Has anyone ever teased you about your weight?: yes ):
Have you ever fasted? If so, for how long?: yes, 3 days
Do you take laxatives to get rid of food/calories?: that's frequent
Are you 'inspired' by models/actresses?: of course
Have you ever been hospitalised for your ED?: never
Have you ever ingested Ipecac to induce vomiting?: no
Have you ever tried to recover from your eating disorder?: sometimes
Body Image Q's
Do you constantly see yourself as fat, even though others say you are not?: always!
What part of your body would you change?: all jaja... my legs
On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you with your body?: -10 (:
Do you judge your value/merit solely on your weight/body?: sometimes
Because of your body apperance/weight, have you become severely depressed?: always....
Do you constantly compare your bodies to supermodels/actresses?: always too
Do you think you eat healthy enough?: no....
Are you morbidly afraid to eat carbs?: not morbidly
Fat grams?: 'bou what?
Calories?: me??
Are you often tired/fatigued?: no
Do you feel more energised after eating food?: of course not
Do you eat meat?: sometimes
Do you eat your food in a certain way? ie cut it up into small pieces, etc.: jaja yes
Do people tell you you look sick or famished?: no
Have you ever thrown up blood?: yes
Is your heart bpm above 49?: i don't remember...
Do you have fainting spells from lack of eating?: yes!
Other Stuff
Do you think the media is at fault for the prevalence of eating disorders?: I think that is all the society
What's your opinion of Pro-Ana?: I'm pro-ana but I don't help the wannas
Do you have any other mental disorders? ie Bipolar, BDD, etc.: I'm Psychotic jajaja LOL (that not true)
What's your favourite food to eat?: apples
Favourite drink?: water
Do you often wish you didn't have an ED?: I don't know.... That's my life...
Do you want to recover?: some-day
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